Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deep breath....now open your eyes

It's the eve of 6 months of the wildest ride of my life.  Cancer.

Here I thought I'd gotten past the madness which was life as a teenage mother, then mother of two girls and the business that is marriage.  No one...not even me the eternal worrier made plans for fighting for my life.

I went from thinking I was sick with mono and having my biggest worry be making sure I was able to get back to work on May 3rd to wondering how I'd make it through my first round of chemotherapy and the life that I intensely prayed would follow.  I really contemplated whether I had the drive to get from behind it and be able to have a life.  Any kind of life.  I was willing to rewrite "normal" as long as it meant me still in the equation.
If you ever want to know if you've got the stuff to make it through a catastrophic illness and if you've got the love and support of the ones that you love and support so very, very much...unfortunately you have to get sick because there is no quiz or simulation for this type of event.

If you want to know how I've made it through to this 6 month mark come on over to "Life in the Land of L" and check it out.

My life is still full of the wild and crazy full out humor that has been written about here on Southern Fried.  In the coming weeks and months I fully intend to start splitting my writing between the two.  There has been so much that has gone on that I wish to share with you my friends.  I've realized that I haven't kept up with posting on here.  It's almost as if my life that I wrote about here ceased to be once my life of leukemia began, but I've come to learn that both things are who and what I am from the moment the words "you have cancer" were uttered back on the morning of April 27th.

I hope you will continue to journey with me.


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