Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hormonal surge and reflux...Lord, why do you hate me??

I have been surfing the wave of hormonal tween for the past 4 maybe 5 months.  I don't remember it starting this early with Olivia but then again Hannah seemed to do everything faster than Olivia did for the pure and simple fact that when you have two children the younger one tends to want to do EVERYTHING that the older one is doing and not wait until the same age bracket to do it in.

Case in point.  Hannah started walking at the lovely age of 9 1/2 months.  Olivia was closer to 14 months.  Hannah potty trained over a few months and was peeing like a champ on the potty by age 2.  Olivia held out for reinforcements (ie: my mother who had to travel from Florida to Ohio) in order to coax that tushy out of a pull-up and into Big Girl panties. This was accomplished after she was 2 yrs old.  Olivia breastfed until 18 months, Hannah dropped that and the bottle by 9 months and demanded a sippy cup. 

So while Jon and I steeled ourselves for the fact that "it" meaning puberty was coming, we had NOT in any way shape or form prepared ourselves for the fact that striking double digits on the birthday cake would bring about a tidal surge of dramatic outburst, raging mood swings and the onset of what appears to be a reflux disorder. 

This is so NOT a good time for me to be off of the anti-depressants and Jon is seriously thinking that this is the PERFECT time for him to start on them. 

Our only plan of action at the moment is to stock the liquor cabinet, remove all sharp items from the house, think happy thoughts and get her to consume as little acidic foods as possible.  The first three should help with our approach to the hormone situation and the last one is our first stab at the working with the reflux. 

All prayers and referrals for exorcist are greatly appreciated.  Any comments that say I should stop drinking so much should be kept to yourself.  It may be my kid that's a raging ball of hormones, but I'm liable to slap someone silly just for pissing me off right now but if I happen to be unavailable to dole out that ass whoopin then believe me my 10yr old will have no problem taking my place!


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