Thursday, February 11, 2010

Help....I've been sucked into the responsible anti-social vortex commonly known as "having a job"!

I'm sorry I haven't written lately.  It hasn't been for lack of interesting or funny shit happening my life.  Quite the contrary really. 

I've finally emerged from the oblivion known as "being wrapped in the depressive cocoon of my comforter" and hit the ground running.  I am finally and thankfully gainfully employed.  After months of looking, interviewing, getting a job, losing the job to RIDICULOUS circumstances (seriously, when a new employee points out your MULTIPLE insurance and HIPAA violations....ummm, yeah you may wanna heed that warning before the Insurance Commissioner comes a knockin) then interviewing again and being passed over because I am "too personable".  A full 6 months, dozen plus interviews and over 162 resumes sent I have landed a job that I didn't even know existed and was referred to by an employer that I was applying for.  She said I'd be perfect for the position that another office had just mentioned they were looking to fill for an individual that was moving out of state after 10yrs of service with their practice.  Turns out her intuition was fabulous because after one interview that lasted 3 1/2 hours, two separate observations and a working interview I was offered the position of Hygiene Coordinator for a local dental practice.

My days of sleeping, crying and farming (on FarmVille) have ceased and while I'm happy for the steady paycheck and reason to put on pants I am finding that all this "work" is leaving me little time to write or just watch endless hours of Lifetime television.  It's a tough life I lead people. 

My kids are even bitching a bit because alas, their schedules aren't of the utmost importance in my day.  Their second complaint is that since returning to work my energy level has skyrocketed and thus I am on their asses every ten seconds about why they haven't picked up this or that and why they can't just "take care of it now" and "not 10 flippin minutes from now".  This statement is usually followed by mass amounts of eye rolling and serious attitude.

It's a magical time being the parent to a tween and a teen.  Sometimes I wonder if the Prozac will ever mellow me to the point of not wanting to beat the tar out of these two when they mount the attitude express on an hourly basis.  All I can think is that I need to bask in this time period now before Hannah hits puberty and I'm flanked by two raging hormonal beings.  When that day arrives I am going to go straight to my doctor and demand a monthly revolving prescription of Xanax that will need to be taken until they both no longer reside in my home.

For now I will just keep my focus on my new job and all the fun that will be had.  That was sarcasm by the way....


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