Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The view through my one good eye.....

Life just keeps getting.....harder to see through both eyes.  As if I don't have enough to contend with in the areas of job, love, motherhood...now I have to deal with an incessent problem of over active allergies...in my eyes!  What the shit?

Last week it was a persistent issue of teary eyes that was clouding my view and now it's my left eye that seems to want to swell up at the most inconvenient of moments.  Then as soon as I hit it with some eye drops I am able to buy myself a good hour or so of relief and a two eyed view on how crappy things seem to be going right now.

Funny how the view through only one eye doesn't cut down the troubles to a more manageable number.  Maybe if they both swell shut then at least I can pretend to be invisible and hopefully all the bad stuff will disappear as well. 

Until that becomes a reality, at least the bad stuff disappearing part, I will just have to shut both my eyes...for the night at least and hope that the view of life in my dreams is a lot happier than the reality!


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