Sunday, September 20, 2009

Penny's Thought of The Day....(and update from Me on recovery)

Recovery is still progressing.  Penny is now getting her attitude back which is fine by us.  Last night, for the first time since the accident she tried to burrow and curl up to go to sleep.  Me, still worried that she would seize and I wouldn't know it, was quick to seek her out....

....she seemed highly aggitated with this frame of thought.  Finally, I decided that I needed to just let her sleep.  I am happy to report that she didn't seize or die in her sleep as I dramatically envisioned in not 1 but 6 different dreams.  I woke up after each one and frantically searched the blankets for her only to find a sleeping dog.

Around 4am I finally gave into the throws of utter exhaustion and slept until morning.  Jon woke us both to give Penny her medicine.  Penny seemed rested and ready to eat.  She seemed a little incredulous towards her kibble.  I wonder what that is about???

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