Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Penny's Thought of the Day....

I had thought that I would keep "Penny's Thought of the Day" on hiatus for a bit while she recovered but since she has a legion (okay like 10) of fans she felt that she owed them a post.  Here's a little montage to show you that while she is a little "looped" from the concusion she is on the road to recovery.
We aren't out of the woods yet.  The doctor says she's at about 90% and there is still a worry of a hemorrhage or even a brain aneurism.  She will have to remain in a constant state of rest either quietly with me or in a padded kennel.  Again I laugh at the idea that my dog has ended up in a padded cell before I have.  
We are so grateful to not have lost our Penny.  Another loss of a family pet so soon after losing 2 dogs less than 3 months ago would have put us all over the edge.  We are thankful for the great care she has received at our veterinarian.  She will go back in a week to check and see how the cortizone is affecting her motor skills.  So far she can stand, semi bark and responds to her name.  She has a ravenous appetite and is eating up ALL the cuddle time.  
Thanks for all the love and well wishes.
~ JP & Penny 

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