Friday, September 18, 2009

Penny's progress....

We have seamlessly rolled into day #4 of Penny's recovery. 

I say seamlessly because I haven't slept for more than 30 minutes at any one stretch of time since Wednesday morning when I was able to bring her home from the vet. 

Some people think I am crazy for doing this.  They tell me, "she's just a dog".  But for me...for our family, she is NOT just a dog.  She is a family member.  While I will never deem her a replacement for the loss of my other red min pin Prince Aden Michael of the Dell, she has filled a gap in my aching heart.  Aden sat next to me through a lot of hard times.  Those dark patches in my marriage, the moments when depression took a deep hold of me and I wanted no human contact.  He would sit next to me and give me matter what.

When we were given the sweet gift of Penny I began to feel myself smile again.  Jon and the girls saw it too.  So when this all took place late Monday night and Jon was put in the position of breathing life back into her very lifeless body I made a silent promise that if she lived I would do whatever it took to get her better.

Yes...ladies and gentleman...I am C-R-A-Z-Y! 

So I have spent the past 3 days tending to every need of this four legged baby of mine.  She is finally able to get up and around.  I've gone from being covered in vomit, piss and crap to being able to understand her lame attempts to cue me that she needs to go make a piddle.

She's very wobbly at best and as soon as I step away from her, even if it is just to situate myself on the floor or grass next to her, she struggles desperately to get back to me.  She has made several failed attempts to try and get a jump going.  I'd rather her not jump but she's got a mind of her own.

The spasms are still happening ever couple of minutes but are getting less violent.  Last night she actually got out an audible bark.  Her first vocalization since the accident Monday night.  The steroids are beefing her up which is nice since she usually looms at a petite 5 1/2lbs.  The medicine also makes her sleepy.  You'd think that would be a great thing for me and give me a chance to sleep. only likes to sleep when she is firmly planted on my chest.  While I was a pro to sleeping like that with my newborns or even young children...I am not able to balance a wriggly dog. 

The vet says that we need to be very careful of not letting her bump or bang her head since that is where the brunt of the force hit and he fears a hemorrhage although things looked clear on the x-rays.  Our main focus is keeping her as calm and bump free until we go for her check up on Wednesday.

It's tiring trying to keep a very spirited pup immobile.  I'm downing caffeine like a regular fiend.  But all in all I am hanging on and hanging in.  It will all be well worth it when I hear her barking and see her able to hold herself up without wobbling and falling over.  The things you'll do for mans....ergh, make that my best friend!


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