Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brew it up and throw some toothpicks in for good measure...

I have spent the better part of the sleeping hours rebuilding my blog.  It seems that when a completely slightly unskilled bloghess as myself attempts a format change after consuming three two times the legal limit of NyQuil you are prone to deleting misplacing the entire contents of your page.

Well ain't that just something.

I went back and read the NyQuil bottle and while it does say that one should not operate any heavy machinery it doesn't say anything about tending to your crops on facebook, posting a new blog or advising your children about the greater complexities of married life when their father has decided to go play poker while leaving their slightly inebriated, on cough syrup, mother in charge of their well being.

So now I am stuck between a rock and a VERY sleepy place.  

I have drank more than the legal limit of caffeine for any 6 hour period.  I can just about see my heart jumping out of my chest and have on more than one occasion had to stop Penny from attempting to attack it as if it is some kind of defunct pet toy.

I am able to keep my left eye open but my right eye...clearly the more lazy of the in great need of having either my finger or a toothpick inserted to keep it open.  I look like a bad interpretation of a pirate.  One that keeps coughing and sneezing every 5 minutes.

The husband, that lucky bastard who got to sleep, will be waking up shortly (and by that I mean his alarm has now gone off the first time of 30 which will signal that he will role out of bed a full 15 minutes after he should have gotten up and a FULL hour after it sounded this first time).  Sadly, he subscribes to the same snooze button ritual that I do when I am of the "working class" and not the depressed class that I currently reside in.

The kids will be up in approximately 1 1/2 hours and need to be hauled to their respective places of higher learning.  Which will mean that I will need to have both eyes and at least part of my brain functioning in order to cart them there.  

So do I crash on the couch for a power nap or tough it out until after I get them off to school?

Times like this make me wonder why in the hell I don't make my kids ride the bus.  

Maybe today would be a good day for them to start. head is swimming too much from the cold syrup caffeine cocktail to even begin to think where the bus stop is and to just send them out into the world without a final destination would surely be the most irresponsible thing I have EVER done.  

Probably WAY more irresponsible than the time I took them to both to see Superbad.  Too bad I can't blame that one on NyQuil.

I guess I will do the most responsible thing possible....get Jon to take them.

Ahhhhh....that was easy.

Goodnight Morning.


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