Sunday, March 13, 2011

My heart goes out...

All I could do when I awoke Friday morning to the images unfolding in front of me on the news of a tragedy worlds away was to hold my family close and pray that those in the affected area will make it out safe.  For those that are not able to survive I prayed that their passing was quick and that they found peace with their maker.  I prayed that the loved ones left behind both near and far would be able to find the answers they need to stop the cruel wait of wondering and searching.  That they can find some kind of calm in knowing what happened.  For those that are trapped, awaiting assistance, I prayed that their rescuers move swiftly and safely.  I prayed for anyone, everyone, that were experiencing the far reaching tragedy of these events. 

My heart continued to break with each wave that pushed across the region, out into the Pacific and made it's way to the West Coast of the US.  Now in the minutes, hours and days since the initial report of the earthquake in Japan I've learned, much like the rest of the world, that there are still much to be uneasy about.  Aftershocks still rock the affected areas.  There are still concerns of more tsunamis and the threat of a nuclear meltdown just ices the cake of overwhelming distress.  And yet there are still moments of glimmering shining hope.  Like the little girl found trapped in her home after a day of being alone inside the rubble.

I know that as with all tragedies that have befallen humanity in my lifetime and before, the world will and has reacted just as soon as it was humanly possible with financial aid and humanitarian efforts.  Troops from around the globe, medical assistance, food, medicine and more have begun to make their way to the areas hardest hit within hours of the earthquake and following the initial tsunami.

It is a helpless, helpless feeling when mother nature unleashes her fury and takes humanity to task.   

Having been personally affected by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 I still find myself getting choked up at the memories of how people put their own lives on hold just to come and help complete strangers for no other benefit than to help.  Volunteers that walked the streets of our neighborhood to make sure that no one was trapped, that they had basic necessities such as food, drinkable water and access to life sustaining medication.  They helped put up tarps for damaged roofs.  Remove debris and fallen trees.  Sometimes they just chatted and offered a moment of reprieve from the constant reminder of how all our lives in the many areas affected by this disaster had been irrevocably changed.

Any amount of help was appreciated and still, close to 6 years later, there is an indelible mark on my soul.

It doesn't matter how big or how small giving to others in times like these is what makes it possible to survive these unthinkable tragedy and the affects of your kindness will be felt for an eternity.  Give what you can to Red Cross or for other ideas on how to help out visit this Yahoo article.

All my prayers are with those who have been affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis.

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