Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well that is just ALL kinds of wrong...


I made it out of the shower feeling "so fresh and so clean".  Slipped into my "Colorado: How's your Aspen?" over sized (meaning it belongs to the hubby) sleep shirt and gave my hair a quick toussel with a little curl product.

I pulled back my covers on my beloved bed and hopped in.  I slid my feet down to the cool end of the bed and they landed in PISS!!!  What the fuuuuuucccckkkk?

Seriously...I didn't just bathe so that I could sink my feet into dog piss.  It seems Olivia's dog decided to take a leak in my bed as I was getting my shower ready.  I swear that damn dog is about to find her ass stuck back on that tree that we found her on.  That will teach me to dognap a self professed stray!

This is the appreciation I get??

I swear charitable acts are NOT viewed and coveted the way that they used to be.

Ugh...this just about ruined my mood to be able to partake in "Project Runway".  I need a calm, serene and more importantly NON PISS laiden bed to watch it in.

A quick strip down, febreeze, febreeze, sheets and throw sodden ones into the wash and I am ready to kick back and relax.  I finally get my Penny and we nestle down to "make it work" with our main man Tim Gunn.

Who knew that bathing could be so damn dramatic??  Only in my life people.  Only.  In.  My.  Life.


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