Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let them have cake...snacky cakes that is!

It is now day 10 of the "illness". I haven't been much up to writing or doing anything because I've been so completely and utterly exhausted.

If I hear from one more person, "oh you've got the flu? Huh. Don't you know that there is a shot for that?" 
A shot.
To prevent the flu??
You don't say. God, I am so glad that you pointed that out to me. Thank you Captain Obvious.

Sometimes I really hate people. Especially the dumb ones.

I'm depressed people...not stupid. I do know that there is a WHOLE wide world outside of my bed and comforter. I just choose not to participate in it. That in and of itself should keep me from getting any viruses. But alas my family goes out into the germ infected world and trucks this crap in. So here I sit...sick as a dog...and moving closer to the point of going completely ape shit on the next person that points out the flu shot.

Since I don't feel up to moving I've had to entertain myself with my camera, laptop and of course my trusty friend Penny.

Today she was completely enthralled by the idea of the snacky cakes that I had gotten to eat with my unending cups of hot tea. I think with drinking all this tea I am truly trying to subscribe to the idea of pissing out the flu virus. I'll let you know how it works. So far I think I've only managed to burn through mass amounts of toilet paper.

What follows is a photo montage of how her meeting with Ms. Little Debbie went down.

Well Penny has finally worked off all that sugar and is down for the count.  I am sure she is dreaming of more snack cakes.  Me, I am thinking it is time to head back to bed myself.

Sweet dreams everyone...god knows Penny and I will be having sweet dreams indeed.


Don't go calling PETA on me...I didn't let Penny eat the whole cake.  Not even half of it either.  She got a few choice morsels.

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