Thursday, September 10, 2009

My husband the racist....who knew??

The big scandal in our household this week is the fact that my husband has been accused of being a racist. 


Huh.  Didn't see that coming.

Apparently because he turned down buying candy being sold by a clients son because he didn't have cash on him at the time and the child then got rude it was spun that the reason Jon didn't buy anything was because the child was black. 

Ummm....seriously?  My husband would buy chocolate covered anything from anyone if he's got the coin.  Skin color doesn't matter when there is candy involved.  Skin color doesn't matter at all for this family but truly nothing will come between us and our snack foods. 

I'm pretty sure if Hitler himself showed up with some chocolate bars for his school fundraiser and my husband had cash on him...he would seriously buy the candy.  I mean, we may feel guilty later for supporting him, but seriously...that fucking candy rocks!

He was really hurt by the accusation.  I tried to be supportive, but I was more concerned over the fact that there was an opportunity for some Worlds Famous chocolate bars and I missed out.  Seriously, I totally would have made a run to the ATM and stopped by the dealership to make the cash for candy exchange.

We totally support chocolate.  Hell we live minutes away from the Chocolate City and it's jackleg of a mayor, Ray Nagin.  Let us stop the madness of throwing around baseless accusations and instead focus on the real issues at how the hell do I track down someone selling that damn candy?  Focus people...focus.  Matters of critical chocolate consumption are at hand...your cooperation will be GREATLY appreciated.


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